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Computer Modeling: Opportunities, Achievements, Prospects

The use of computers in scientific research is a necessary condition for the study of complex systems. The traditional methodology of the relationship between theory and experiment should be supplemented by the principles of computer simulation. This new powerful procedure enables a holistic study of the behavior of the most complex systems, both natural and designed to test theoretical hypotheses.

Computer simulation methods are used by specialists in almost all branches and fields of science and technology - from history to astronautics since they can be used to predict and even simulate phenomena, events, or designed objects in predetermined parameters.

How to Build a Computer Simulation Model?

When building a model, the main, dominant factors are distinguished, discarding the secondary ones. The selected factors translate into a language understandable to the machine. Build an algorithm, a program.

When the program is ready, a computer experiment and analysis of the obtained simulation results are carried out with a variation of the model parameters. And depending on these conclusions, the necessary corrections are made at one of the modeling stages: either the model or the algorithm is refined, or, more precisely, more correctly, the object of study is determined.

The Main Arguments for Your Computer Simulation Essay

The next arguments can help you to formulate a thesis in writing your computer simulation essay:

  1. Computer simulation is one of the effective methods for studying complex systems.
  2. Computer models are easier and more convenient to study due to their ability to carry out the so-called computational experiments, in cases where real experiments are difficult due to financial or physical obstacles or may give unpredictable results.
  3. The construction of a computer model is based on abstraction from the specific nature of phenomena or the original object under study and consists of two stages - first, the creation of a qualitative and then a quantitative model.
  4. Computer simulation allows you to reduce the cost of developing models many times over in comparison with non-computer methods of modeling and carrying out full-scale tests.

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